Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chimerican Collapse

  • Wei Jingshengsays that "many 'patriotic' angry Chinese youths feel triumphant" but that "the dreams of a fool's paradise by these angry youths are not as great as they seem" — The West is a Chinese colony. But this will collapse.

  • Wang Zhicheng reports on "harsh commentaries about US politicians, their useless democracy, and US military adventurism" (when you're right, you're right) and also the "fear that, as the US dollar goes, so will China with its US$ 1.16 trillion in US treasury bills" — China sees its own downfall as US credit enters twilight.

  • Looks like the Four Asian Tigers and the Tiger Cub Economies will be dragged down, too — Asia stock markets plummet amid fears of new global crisis.

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