Thursday, July 7, 2011

The un-American Empire

  • "It is clear the Framers of the Constitution would have considered the MICC [Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex] to be the most dangerous of all factions, because the MICC... is an all-powerful domestic faction whose self interest is to promote war or the perpetual threat of war," writes CounterPunch's Franklin "Chuck" Spinney — Why the War Machine Keeps on Running.

  • "Reading the Declaration of Independence 235 years after it was written," writes Jim Goad of Taki's Magazine, "it’s kidney-punchingly obvious that the United States government has become precisely the sort of bloodsucking tyrant against which the Founding Fathers revolted" — The American Nosedive.

  •'s Ivan Eland on "the question of how the permanent overseas militarism that America has acquired and exhibited, especially since World War II, relates to the founding principles of our republic" — Militarism Is Not Patriotism.

  • "George Washington urged Americans to 'cultivate peace and harmony with all' and to 'avoid overgrown military establishments,' which are 'hostile to republican liberty,'" reads the letter reported on by ComeHomeAmerica.US's Kevin Zeese, whose "[s]igners include advisers to Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton; former presidential candidates of the Libertarian, Socialist, and Green parties, as well as an independent, Ralph Nader" — Is a Broader Peace Movement Finally Here? Mr. Zeesee also notes that "representatives of think tanks such as the Institute for Policy Studies, the Independent Institute, the Future of Freedom Foundation, the Hoover Institution, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and Just Foreign Policy have signed on. And editors from a wide range of publications, including The American Conservative,, Black Agenda Report, Black Commentator,, Liberty for All, Liberty for America,, The Progressive, Progressive Review, Raw Story,, and Reason have all signed on."
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