Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Intelligent Stuff Written About Anders Behring Breivik

  • "I know a number of farmers, live off the land types, with 'similar' ideas," says commenter James to a Caelum Et Terra's Daniel Nichols post — Dark Irony. "It never occurred to me to fear them but I guess anyone can go off the deep end," says James.

  • That is the point Throne and Altar's Bonald reminds us of, namely that "Breivik is what people would call a moderate conservative" — The main point: we’re all more “extremist” than he is. He later asks, "[W]hat if he had been a run-of-the-mill social democrat?"

  • Lew Rockwell notes that he was "ardently pro-Israel" and "much influenced by such neocons as Daniel Pipes" — The Norwegian Terrorist Is a Neocon. "As to his religion, he is not exactly a follower of the Prince of Peace, though he may be some sort of Christian rightist or theocon. That is how, as a hater and a killer, he could describe himself as a Christian and a conservative, a Hageeite."

  • Steve Sailer notes that "he maintained a public persona online of being anti-Islamic but non-violent and, indeed, rather philosophical" — Norway. "In terms of personality, he seems somewhat less like the usual comparison, Timothy McVeigh..., and more like the highly intelligent, cold-blooded leftwing assassin of Pym Fortuyn, Volkert van der Graaf, whose story has disappeared down the memory hole after the European press put out a cover story that he was an animal rights nut..."

  • David Lindsay on the connection I find most interesting — Of Masonic Conspiracies.
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    Blogger love the girls said...

    It'll be interesting to see how the Catholic libs run with it after watching them committing intellectual suicide commenting on the Fr. Corapi tempest.

    So far, (looking at the link you give), it looks like they'll play it the same way I expect the secular libs will where anyone holding similar ideas will be painted as dangerous. or use it as an excuse to dismiss muslim violence as an aberration.

    But no matter how its looked at, we can be sure that the leftists will use it as a means of suppression as is typically their wont.

    12:44 AM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    Reader Steven Cornett writes:

    "Actually, as pointed out, Breivik appears to be an agnostic admirer of "cultural Christianity", which he would have revived with Crusader violence that makes him seem to become his enemy. He also refers to himself as a Darwinist and a Freemason.

    "Since none of this matches the preferred 'White Conservative Christians can be terrorists too' meme floated by the media in the wake of Brievik and Timothy McViegh (who in fact proclaimed himself an atheist), you won't see this get too much play in the MSM. You certainly won't hear about Brievik being possibly another 'child of Darwin.'"

    6:07 AM  

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