Friday, July 1, 2011

Looking Deeper at the New Atheists

MercatorNet's Zac Alstin argues that the "surge in atheistic self-confidence is not necessarily an unhealthy development" — The religious atheist. "Does the life of a Christopher Hitchens contain the seeds of a bacchanalian cult? Could Richard Dawkins’ enthusiasm for evolution point the way to a new scientific piety?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trying to stop humanity being religious has as much hope as stopping us from being political. Indeed, new atheists such as Christopher Hitchens let the sacred Egyptian cat out of the bag when they attempt to characterise even the horrors of Communism and Nazism as merely another manifestation of religion.

Chris lets the demon cat out for a stroll indeed, since Communism is his religion, and still is. It is why he is able to confidently "prophesy" Henry Kissenger as a war criminal for killing fellow Communists in Cambodia.

It is also why he is able to comfortably take up a role as a "neo-conservative" in preaching an atheist "holy war" against the Middle East.

And really, atheist piety goes back to Frederick Nietzche, especially with his ubermench. There is also Philip Pullman, who seems to have delved into the Gnostic roots of atheism in His Dark Materials series, which is a re-iteration of ancient gnostic themes as writen in the "Apotheosis of the Archons."

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