Tuesday, July 19, 2011

D.D.T. Trucks

R. Elgin reminds us that the mosquito trucks (모기車) are making their rounds again, much to the delight of children across Korea — Forget That It Is Illegal — It’s Summer Fun. A quick Internet search shows that we Americans used to engage in such summer fun as well, before Rachel Carson came along to spoil the fun — Running Behind the DDT Truck. From the link:
    In all of its years of use and in subsequent studies, it has been found to be safe for humans, it doesn't cause birth defects, and there are no serious side effects. It has no odor. Called the "Atomic Bomb of Pesticides," nothing comes close to its ability to kill the mosquitoes that carry malaria and typhus. But in our infinite wisdom, we banned it in 1972. Studies show that it can be used heavily to kill off the mosquito population, and then use it very sparingly afterwards to keep the pest population down.

    One child dies every 30 seconds in Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries because they are not using DDT, which is very inexpensive to purchase. In the year 2000, 300 million people had malaria, two million of them died from it, and one million of those were children. An infected bite can take up to four years to affect your kidney and liver. Environmentalists say that it MAY harm eagles. There is no proof at all of that.

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Blogger The Crescat said...

this photo reminded me of my childhood.

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