Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fallout From Fukushima

Gerald Pollet of the Heart of America Northwest has some disturbing "data from EPA" and the disturbing news that "that EPA's claim of 'near real-time data' is belied by EPA taking a week to post data" — Radiated Rain: Radiation Levels in Northwest Rain Were Up to 130 Times Safe Drinking Water Standards Following Fukushima.

This could well explain the "35% spike in infant mortality in Northwest cities" reported on by Drs. Janette D. Sherman and Joseph Mangano — Is the Dramatic Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout?

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Blogger Francis-Xavier said...

Regardless of whether there is a link, it ought be said that, nuclear power plant disasters not happening all the time, the "safe drinking water levels" are not those which people can safely endure for a day or a week without experiencing harm, but for 80 years straight.

Reporting that doesn't mention this in the article is a bit like the haunted houses that you sometimes can visit around Halloween; good for a scare but not quite real.

5:13 AM  

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