Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back From Sŏul and Inch'ŏn

The U.S. Embassy, Seoul, Korea, is still surrounded by scores of conscripted Korean riot police. Neo-Americans might be proud of this as a sign of how "indispensible" we are. It had me asking again, "Why can't we just be a normal country?" Also, the staff, especially the Korean staff, is as unfriendly and unhelpful as ever.

I have seen the future and it is "Humansia" (휴먼시아), pictured above, where my sister-in-law now lives (or in another similar such complex). I was impressed, and not in a wholly negative way.

The twenty-five story buildings are home to thousands of families. The parking lots are all underground, above which are landscaped terraces and playgrounds. The building were brand-spanking new, and nearby churches were evangelizing all over the place. Not ideal, but livable, especially compared to the treeless urban near-squalor of the surrounding prole neighborhoods, all built probably in the '80s.

While not Chestertonian, neither were they Huxleyan. No, this was not The Hobbit, but neither was it Blade Runner (1982). If anything, they were Randian, which is all the more surprising given their statist origin, reported on five years ago by Finnish Koreanologist Antti Leppänen — Korea Nat'l Housing Corp. becomes "Humansia".

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Blogger hoihoi51 said...

the big different between Japan and south korea is this apartments..
The Japanese is an original farmer.
land is everything, it prefer a small house with garden to an apartment such like that.

The houses composes a small society.To improve the town, maintenance and the festival of the town are held.
that is why people does not move out from town. then local traditional, landscape , trees and etc are kept..

4:14 PM  

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