Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Yi Sŭngbok Memorial

The highlight of my trip was an ad hoc pilgrimage to the secular shrine of the eight-year-old South Korean boy murdered in 1968 along with his mother and two younger siblings by North Korean infiltrators. Legend has it that they broke into his house while he was studying (on his birthday, no less), and interrogated him about his pencil, which they thought was of such good quality it had to have come from America. When they asked him whether he liked North Korea or South Korea, he responded, "I hate Communists!" ("나는 공상당이 싫어요!").

The communist brutes then tore apart they boy's mouth with a knife, and proceeded to slaughter his family. An elder brother played dead and escaped to a neighbor's house. The authorities were alerted and tracked down the invaders and killed them like the dogs they were. His father, who had been away from home the fateful evening, helping his mother, and the elder brother are alive to this day.

GI Korea has much more on this one of 100,000,000 million victims of Communism — “I Hate Communists!”; Remembering Lee Seung-bok. The shrine, and especially the movie there, scared the dickens out of my kids, but I am of the belief that they should have fear of evil.

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