Monday, June 13, 2011

Update on the Fukushima Meltdown

Drs. Janette D. Sherman and Joseph Mangano on the "35% spike in infant mortality in Northwest cities" — Is the Dramatic Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout?

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Blogger Francis-Xavier said...

This is just horrible reporting.

Not mentioned is whether there are huge seasonal variations in child mortality (at least in some countries I know this to be the case.)

Nor do they mention the general variations in infant mortality rates. 9.5 vs. 12.5 would not be a big deal if it hits, say, 25.

Nor is comparing Chernobyl, where waste was dumped on people living nearby to this case, where much less radiation had to cross an ocean, honest.

Nor do they mention that at least in Canada the increase in radioactive radiation is so incredibly minute that it is less than the usual day to day variations; the only way the Canadians can even prove it's there is to examine isotope ratios.

Such articles stifle the discussion that should be happening.

8:49 PM  

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