Monday, June 20, 2011

Perennial Liberty

From across the Pond, The Telegraph's Tim Stanley says of the man dimissed as a "perennial candidate" that "the reason why he keeps on running – this is his third shot at the presidency – is because his constituency is just as perennial as he is" — Republican Maverick Ron Paul Wins a Second Straw Poll and Reminds the Critics Why He Matters.

The author, "a research fellow in American History at Royal Holloway College... working on a biography of Pat Buchanan," reminds us,
    It is often forgotten that neoconservativism is the recent innovation within the Republican ranks – not Ron Paul. On the contrary, Paul’s anti-statism harks back to a pre-Cold War GOP that was isolationist and laissez-faire in its outlook. Paul’s people can argue, with some validity, that his candidacy is an effort to return to root principles.
Noting that "Ron Paul’s candidacy remains quirky and idiosyncratic," Stanley explains,
    The blame for that rests with the man himself. What elevates Dr Paul above the other candidates deflates him in the polls. At the podium he speaks without notes on whatever subject seems to come into his head. To see him in person is to experience the apocalyptic magic of wild prophecy. His rambling discourse on the moral and economic bankruptcy of America smacks of something missing in modern politics – the truth told honestly and intelligently by a mad old white guy with nothing to lose. He is so real, he’s unreal.

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