Thursday, June 2, 2011

N.A.T.O.'s Terror Bombing of Libya

  • Peter Custers reports on one of the "the long-term implications of the Western intervention" — Fears of Depleted Uranium Use in Libya. The author mentions "extensive field-investigation carried out by the priest Jean-Marie Benjamin [that] brought out that there had been a 350 percent increase in the rate of malformations in Iraqi babies at birth" and "reports, for example by the conservative American Rand Corporation, [that] have similarly spoken of indiscriminate risks for the lungs and digestive systems, of civilians and combatants alike."

  • "The missiles are falling everywhere and, unfortunately, not only affect military zones, but also civilian areas" — Bishop of Tripoli: NATO bombs a Coptic church. Civilian Casualties. Mentioned is "the active presence of more than three thousand migrant Filipino Catholics, working in different hospitals in the city and throughout the country," who "attend Mass every week in the cathedral despite the bombings" and "represent the heart of the local Catholic community and are a testimony of love and service to the Libyan people who suffer."

  • "The only strength that is left is faith to understand the mystery of this suffering" — Bombs are becoming our Calvary,” says Tripoli bishop. "NATO remains loyal to its bombs. Why aren’t other venues tried? It appears no one wants a peaceful solution to the conflict."
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