Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Misinformed Attempt at an Interesting Article on Nuclear Power

By Song Pyeong-in of The Dong-A Ilbo, one of South Korea's three conservative dailies — The French & German views of nuclear power. The article begins with some contrasts:
    France has open fields while Germany is rich in forests. Rational thought stressing the importance of mathematics flourished in France while romanticism focusing on mystical elements thrived in Germany. Despite the supremacy of Catholicism in France, secularism dominates the country. On the contrary, Germany is a Protestant country that collects religious taxes.
All well and good so far, if a bit simplistic. But then, after a few paragraphs, we read, "For its part, the German view of the environment is based on awe and respect of forests." It would be well if all of us felt this way. Then the clincher: "Both members of Germany`s far right Nazi Party and those of the far left Green Party are hostile to nuclear power plants." And here I thought the former party had been illegal since 1945!

Then we read, "German conservative parties have shifted their positions to close the country’s nuclear power plants because they want to maintain power." Really? Or are they just being conservative? "Under French rationalism, human beings can control atomic power." Really? Tell that to the residents of Fukushima.

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