Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Our Marital House in Order

"How dare we tell same-sex couples that they have no right to wed, when we barely trouble to teach our own congregations which kinds of sex it’s a sin to have?" writes John Zmirak, quoted by Bonald — How can we fight back on marriage?

Prof. Zmirak reminds us that "in the 1990s some Evangelical activists proposed laws (one passed in Louisiana and two other states) allowing couples the option of contracting 'covenant marriage,'" which "amount[ed] in essence to marriage as it had been defined before the onslaught of lax divorce laws." He continues, "It is time for us to revive this idea and encode still stricter provisions that mirror Canon Law, eschewing divorce and remarriage, in a standard prenuptial covenant that must be signed by Roman Catholics if they wish to be married in the Church."

Of course, none of this will help protest the freedom of conscience of religious believers and institutions, so, for example, Catholic adoption agencies will have to give up their work and religious universities will have to open up their married dormitories to couples whose marriages they do not recognize. Still, the approach acknowledges that this question is not one that can be resolved by electoral politics and also recognizes that same-sex "marriage" is not the problem, but a symptom of the greater problem.

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Blogger Faith said...

It is a symptom of a greater problem. Right from the beginning God created man AND woman.


I rest my case.

6:49 AM  

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