Friday, June 24, 2011

"Arirang" Sung by Bian Yinghua (a.k.a. Byŏn Yŏnghwa)

A Mandarin rendition of the Korean folk song by a singer from China's Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture to accompany this South Korean article claiming that "China has outraged patriotic Koreans by registering the folk song 'Arirang,' widely considered Korea's unofficial national anthem, as part of its own cultural heritage" — China Lays Claim to 'Arirang'.

I, for one, take Beijing at its word when it says that "it merely registered the song as part of the culture of ethnic Koreans in China." China, of course, has never been a nation-state but rather a multi-national entity, something akin to the Holy Roman Empire, had it survived to modern times.

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OpenID kuiwon said...

I saw a rendition of Arirang by Chinese-Americans a few years back. I don't know what to feel about it actually. The Chinese in the past used to enforce more cultural homogeneity (e.g., Manchu-style shaved heads and queues) than today's PRC.

5:23 AM  
OpenID kuiwon said...

If they wish to protest and count, Koreans should claim that they are the remnant of the great Chinese culture of the past that fell with the Ming Dynasty... as the Chosun scholars did in the past and to some degree Korean Confucians today... and drag the rug over the Chinese, but that won't fly well with such either today.

5:28 AM  

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