Saturday, June 4, 2011

American Imperialism: Not Only Wrong, But Stupid

Noting that "the U.S.’s direct costs for its war in Iraq amounts to $704 billion, ... 4,404 American deaths and 31,827 wounded," The Marmot's Hole, says "You would figure perhaps after all that some American companies may benefit from the reconstruction of the country" — Getting Back Some of our Blood and Treasure. Wrong. "It appears that the largest construction deals are going to the Korean companies."

Why Koreans? Why,of course, they provided the non-combatant Zaytun Division, which "suffered only one fatality[,] an officer who committed suicide," protected as they were by the Guarding Pesmerga of Kurdistan. War correspondent Michael Totten said "this occupation surely ranks among one of the most absurd in human history" — A New Power Rises in Iraq. He explained:
    Dr. Ali Sindi, advisor to Prime Minister Nechervan Barzani, told me that South Korea is the official occupier of “Northern Iraq.” Korean soldiers are stationed just outside Erbil in a base near the airport. He laughed when he told me the Kurdish military, the Peshmerga (“those who face death”), surround the South Koreans to make sure they’re safe.
Other members of the Coalition of the Drilling are reaping the benefits as well: "Kuwaiti investors, Turkish contractors, Dutch oil companies, French and Italian energy companies, etc. have also taken a turn at the Iraqi contract feeding trough," but "at least in some of the instances, American subcontractors and component manufacturers will be used."

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