Monday, June 13, 2011

The Muslims Are Coming! The Muslims Are Coming!

Der Wolfanwalt rightly rebukes those so "frightened of Islamists - a thoroughly unhelpful word to begin with - as if they were Communists and [they were] in 1950s Hollywood" — Ninnies Gonna...Nin?

"Leave aside for the moment my personal opinion that even the über-militants aren't exactly committed to turning the Washington Monument into a minaret - it's still more than fair to say that we aren't glancing fearfully out our windows at throngs of turban-capped, scimatar-wielding men in explosive vests glowering at us from across the picket fence."

Well said. Pathetic how it is the same people so shell-shocked by an attack on our civilians who cannot see how US-sponsored attacks on civilians might be less than well-received in those countries.

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