Saturday, May 28, 2011

Velikovsky Right Again

The late, great Immanuel Velikovsky proven right again, with findings from "new research [that] was ignited by a Brown undergraduate, Thomas Weinreich" — Water found beneath surface of Moon. An earlier post on the same theme — Velikovsky and Water on the Moon — and an article by yours truly on the great man — The Science Cartel vs. Immanuel Velikovsky.

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Blogger kathleen said...

Earth in Upheaval; one of my permanent book. Reading again I am aware that the second event during the 7/8th century has to be part of the DL plasma sheath.
If the incursion is 5,000 yr apart, and 10,000 y ago the E was 'ran over' so that E was exposed fully to the back side of the DL, expansive and cosmic ray exposed, explains why our scientific exploration has found so many 'starter' civilizations from that time. They would have begun when the E was recovering from the retreat of the magnetic field. The later incursion would have been 5,000 yrs later, again evidence of this as E compressed in Sol's diminished heliosphere but saved from the back side of the DL expansion because the cloud did not incur as far as before. The following 7/8th century upset was due perhaps to an E core energy release.
The energy of the magnetic field now appears to the outside of Venus, making the heliosphere compacted but not as extreme as before. Venus may even have its heavy atmosphere drop onto the planet becoming more Earth-like.

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