Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tao of G.K. Chesterton

"The farther you go, the less you know," said Lao Tzu, and the subject of Robert Douglas-Fairhurst's book review said, "Travel narrows the mind" — G K Chesterton: A Biography by Ian Ker: review. Like the Old Master, "G.K. Chesterton was a man of colossal intellect and wit, but his work also reveals a child-like innocence." The author also alludes to the writings that "led Pope Pius XI to praise him as a 'gifted Defender of the Catholic Faith.'"

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Blogger Pints in NYC said...

Funny, I just began "Everlasting Man" this morning.

Pints all around - Cheers!

12:26 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

A great book! Cheers!

8:49 AM  
Blogger Zac said...

I've often thought Chuang Tzu was somehow similar to GKC also.
Though it may be due to the translation...

9:05 AM  

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