Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Lady, Queen of Peace in Asia

  • "Today the month dedicated to Our Lady ends, a figure revered and honoured not only by Christians, but also capable of uniting Muslims and members of other religions," reports Joseph Mahmoud — Kirkuk Christians and Muslims unite in prayer to Our Lady for Peace in Iraq. "For the occasion, this morning the Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk invited Muslim religious and political authorities to join in a common prayer, the author reports. "Many Muslims made a pilgrimage to the statue of the Virgin Mary, especially women who pray to the Mary to intercede on their behalf."

  • "Since the arrival of Catholicism, Korean Christians have shown great devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth," reports Theresa Kim Hwa-young, saying that "the Marian month is the best time of the year for the faithful" (a local hymn we sang this past Sunday said as much) — Mary, “Mother of Korea and support of the family”. "In May, Koreans celebrate Parent’s Day, Children’s Day, Workers’ Day and Teachers’ Day. The Bishops’ Conference has also devoted May to the family."

  • Nirmala Carvalho reports on a "centre [that] now accommodates 75 men Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs" — "Mary’s clan" devoted to the Virgin to overcome alcoholism. "Without any discrimination of caste or faith, in devotion to Our Lady all have found a life full of dignity, simplicity and serenity."

  • "Devotion to the Virgin Mary [has been] present in Indochina since the 16th century," reminds J.B. Vu, reporting that "[a]ccepting the invitation of Pope Benedict XVI faithful ask Our Lady to protect the Chinese Church" — Month of Flowers: Vietnamese Catholics pray to Our Lady for religious freedom in China.
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