Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Know Thy Enemy

The New American's Jack Kerwick, Pd.D. pens an informative piece about "a distinctive political orientation," about which he says, "not only is it distinct from what I will call the classical conservative tradition, it is fundamentally different in kind from the latter" — The Neoconservative Philosophy.

Particularly pernicious is "the neoconservative’s conception of America as a 'propositional' or 'creedal' nation — a nation erected upon an idea." Following this, "[t]he neoconservative views the state — or what is more customarily referred to as 'the nation-state' — as a certain kind of association, what the conservative philosopher Michael Oakeshott called an 'enterprise association.'" Dr. Kerwick counters that view, writing, "The classical conservative... sees in the Constitution, at least as it was originally conceived, the terms, not of an enterprise association, but of a civil association."

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