Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jerome Lejeune's Legacy and Curing Down Syndrome

  • "One of my father's goals was to return the humanity to the child with Down syndrome," says the daughter of "the renowned first geneticist of France who traveled the world explaining his numerous scientific discoveries, including the genetic source of Down syndrome" — Restoring Humanity to Downs Children (Part 1). Asked, "Were his convictions informed only by his faith or also by his scientific research?" the daughter answered, "It was because he was a doctor, not because of his faith. When you are a doctor you have swear the Hippocratic Oath not to do harm, and he was always saying the respect for life had nothing to do with the faith, even though, of course, it is in the faith to respect life."

  • "If a fraction of the money spent to diagnose and kill children with Down syndrome were used for research, we would already have a cure," said the daughter — Restoring Humanity to Downs Children (Part 2). "It was not because he made the discovery that he took care of children with Down syndrome, but it was because he wanted to take care of the children with Down syndrome that he made the discovery."
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    The biography of this fine doctor, written by the person whose interview you linked, is available here.

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