Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hats Off to the Green Mountain State!

Mark in Spokane has news from what "is probably the most leftist state in the union" — Vermont moves towards Canadian-style single-payer health care system. "Often held up as a model of libertarianism, Vermont is taking a statist approach to health care reform," our Washingtonian colleague reports. "For those who praise the Green Mountain State as a limited-government utopia, this march towards statism should give pause."

This blogger is given no pause, as I see it not so much as a "march towards statism" but a "march towards states' rights." The several states, not the federal government, should handle such matters. As Robert Sobel said of Vermonter Calvin Coolidge: "As Governor of Massachusetts, Coolidge supported wages and hours legislation, opposed child labor, imposed economic controls during World War I, favored safety measures in factories, and even worker representation on corporate boards. Did he support these measures while president? No, because in the 1920s, such matters were considered the responsibilities of state and local governments."

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