Saturday, May 14, 2011

Filial Piety

In honor of "Mothers’ day in America (and Parents’ Day in Korea)," 歸源 (Kuiwon) offers an ancient Chinese poem and its translation — Classic of Poetry – Gratitude to Parents:
    父兮生我, 母兮鞠我 부혜생아, 모혜국아
    哀哀父母, 生我劬勞 애애부모, 생아구로
    欲報深恩, 昊天罔極 욕보심은, 호천망극

    Father, you have given life to me.
    Mother, you have nourished me.
    O how difficult it must have been for you, my father and mother!
    You have begotten me and exhaustively toiled.
    I wish to repay your profound graces,
    But they are as boundless as the wide heavens.

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