Thursday, May 5, 2011

Don't Panic; It's Morganic

By which I meant to say morganatic, but that doesn't rhyme, and that's how I misremembered the term, which shows how little I know (and frankly care) about these things. And reading the definition, it's probably not that either.

A conservative blog for peace found it "nice to see Americans’ love of the mother country after all these years" and "to see the palæocons proved right that we are tribal/ethnic and natural monarchists" — The royal wedding.

Elena Maria Vidal "expresses the sentiments of those of us who relished the festivities (even from afar) and refused to let anyone sour our enjoyment of the day" — The Royal Wedding: Killjoys Be Gone! "Perhaps the pageant provided by royalty does for the secular sphere what liturgy does for the realm of the spirit," she writes. "It lifts us beyond ourselves and shows us all the possibilities."

Finally, a reader "really enjoyed this clip" and "raise[s] the possibility that [my] readers would also" — Verger cartwheels at Royal Wedding.

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Blogger elena maria vidal said...

Thank you kindly for the link!

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