Tuesday, May 31, 2011

David Bentley Hart Wins the 2011 Michael Ramsey Prize

For a book Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams says "takes no prisoners in its response to fashionable criticisms of Christianity" — 'Atheist Delusions' wins major theology prize.

"But what makes it more than just another contribution to controversy is the way he shows how the most treasured principles and values of compassionate humanism are rooted in the detail of Christian doctrine," said Cantuar. "I am pleased that we have identified a prize winning book that is so distinctive in its voice. It is never bland."

His Grace continued, "It will irritate some, but it will also challenge and inspire readers inside and outside the church. No one could pretend after reading this that Christian theology was lacking in intellectual and imaginative force or in relevance to the contemporary world."

(In related news, a report that "[t]he Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission met at the ecumenical monastic community of Bose, Italy, for a 10-day series of discussions, following a mandate from Benedict XVI and Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams when the two met in November 2009" — Anglican-Catholic Group Focused on "What Unites Us". This, too — Shakespeare probably a Catholic, says Archbishop of Canterbury.)

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