Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christians Respond to Killing of Osama bin laden

  • "The Russian Orthodox Church does not share the joy that we have seen in some countries," said Archpriest Georgy Roschin; "whoever dies, be he the greatest evil or the greatest terrorist, he will be judged by God alone" — Bin Laden, Moscow Patriarchate joins Vatican in denouncing celebrations.

  • Catholic neocon Father Z. debunked by Catholic paleolibertarian Ryan W. McMaken — Sigh. Catholic Priest Whoops It Up for Unconstitutional Military Assassinations. "Most clergy can be safely ignored when opining on political matters, and this case is no different."

  • "Islam is evil when it not only condones but glorifies the slaughter of the innocent and the assassination of enemies,"writes Cathoilic paleoconservative Thomas Fleming: "When self-described Christians adopt the same arguments and justifications, they are repudiating their faith and joining the party of Herod" — Rule by Assassination.
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    Blogger Pints in NYC said...

    Dala Lama says OBL killing is justified:,0,7229481.story

    11:19 AM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    Not surprising. Thanks, though, for the news.

    12:12 AM  
    Blogger Baron Korf said...

    Ryan needs to take a few more reading comprehension lessons. I would expect more out of college freshmen let alone someone with an actual audience.

    3:13 PM  

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