Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Botswana's Seretse Khama

"The difference between popular dictatorship and monarchy is illustrated by the difference between Botswana and Zimbawe," quotes Foseti — Randoms of the day. More:
    When the colonialists left, most of Black Africa turned into hellholes, with the notable exception of Botswana, now 53 in world GDP, far above any other black African country. When Botswana became independent they elected the man born to be King, and the place remained in good shape so long as he lived. Till the day he died, it was the fastest growing economy in Africa. So long as he lived, the place had low and stable taxes, and the best economic and personal freedom in Africa – because he was elected on the basis of his royal birth, not elected on the basis of paying off one group with the lives and property of another group.

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Japanese monarch^^

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this time

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