Friday, May 20, 2011

Alan Bock, Rest in Peace

"When I explained to Alan what was happening, he was very sad for a moment and then he instantly said a prayer and asked GOD to make it swift," said his wife, quoted by Lew Rockwell just yesterday — Alan Bock Enters Hospice. Today, we learn that his prayer was answered — Alan Bock, RIP.

I have long appreciated the writing the man Mr. Rockwell rightly calls "the great libertarian journalist," especially his principled anti-militarism, and several of his articles have been linked to here — America's Anti-Militarist Founders, Offensive Nationalism, Defensive Patriotism, Anti-war, Anti-empire, Pro-military. Reminding us that Mr. Bock "was a principled defender of liberty, and was a devout and good man," Mr. Rockell prays, "God rest his great soul." Amen.

"I remain convinced that the cause of individual liberty is the most noble and constructive political cause around," Mr. Bock wrote in his farewell column — So long for now. Let us close this remembrance with these fine words of his:
    Albert J. Nock noted that there are two ways for people to relate: through honest exchange and mutual agreement or by one party imposing its will on the other through force, the threat of force, or fraud. He called these the economic means and the political means.

    There are plenty of things more important than politics: your family and friends and treating them right, the search for spiritual meaning in an often confusing and ambiguous world, art, music, science, simple enjoyment of the good things in life, struggling to make good choices rather than destructive ones, and supporting your children in their intellectual endeavors and at soccer and softball games. All these challenges, however, can be handled better – not necessarily easily, but better – in an atmosphere of personal liberty and freedom to make one's own choices than in a repressive regime that makes choices for you and forces them on you.

    Thomas Jefferson put it strikingly when he said that the majority of mankind was not born with saddles and bridles so as to be ridden by their natural masters. He also said that the natural order of things is for government to advance and liberty to recede.

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