Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why I Left the Left

One reason was the mentality displayed here by Betsy Hartmann — Why Antinuclear Belongs in All of Our Movements: "Nuclear power is a reproductive rights issue.... an environmental justice issue.... a climate justice issue.... a labor rights issue.... a peace and security issue.... [and] a basic democracy issue too."

I'm as anti-nuke as the next Luddite, but for me, nuclear power is more of a pro-life, anarcho-capitalist, localist issue. That said, I'd be willing to work on this issue with others who do not share my opinions on these other issues, and understand that those who disagree with me on this issue might be allies on other issues.

Not so the Left. The last protest I went to was against Bush père and his war on Iraq. I was surprised to learn not only that it was a racist war (are Obama's wars racist?), but also tied up with abortion rights, gay rights, and host of other issues I had no interest in supporting. How about some focus?

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