Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whistlin' Dixie

  • "The latest U.S. census confirms that the grandchildren of the Southern diaspora are going home," reports Bill Kauffman: "American blacks are returning to their ancestral region" — Southern Comforts. Mr. Kauffman mentions "the 1973 journey of Alice Walker to a weed-choked cemetery in Fort Pierce, Florida, burial ground of the great novelist and folklorist (and Taft Republican) Zora Neale Hurston, ... who called FDR 'the Anti-Christ' and Truman 'the butcher of Asia,'" saying she "had spirit and she had genius, which is why no one still knows quite what to make of her."

  • "As we commemorate the start of the Civil War this week," Father George W. Rutler "notes some of its memorable Catholic figures" — Some Catholic Notes on the Civil War — and The Freeman's Jeffrey Rogers Hummel reminds us that "passionately opposing slavery and simultaneously favoring secession are quite consistent" — The Question of Slavery.
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