Friday, April 8, 2011

A Welcome Approach to Korean Reunification

"On reunification, we must approach North Korea not from the angle of one nation, but from the angle of people who have the same political identification," said Professor Lee Young Hun of Seoul National University’s Department of Economics, quoted by North Korean defector Mok Yong Jae — Reunification Driven by Nationalism Cannot Work.

This comes from the same professor "who previously caused controversy in Korean conservative [and liberal] academic circles with his view of Korean modernization during the Japanese colonial period," suggesting that Korea developed under Japanese rule, and idea rejected by nationalists, who, in Korea, are predominantly left-wing. These same left-wing nationalists obsfuscate matters when it comes to reuinification.

Orestes Brownson's idea that nationalism represents barbarism and republicanism (including constitutional monarchism) civilization comes to mind.

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