Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prester John's Christian Ecology

Daniel Nichols posts a link to a site informing us that "[f]ollowers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Churches [sic] believe they should maintain a home for all of God’s creatures around their places of worship" — The Church Forests of Ethiopia. "The result? Forests ringing churches."

[Prester John was a semi-legendary Christian king, and author of "a mysterious letter [that] began to circulate around Europe" as early as 1160, whose "besieged kingdom was [eventually] located in Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia)."]

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OpenID caelumetterra said...

While I appreciate the nod, please note that the incorrect syntax was not mine; that was a "cut and paste" operation. Sorry if I did not make that clear but I am a low tech guy just now beginning to figger these things out..

By the way, are you familiar with "Christ the Eternal Tao"? I assume you are, but I have been reading it for Lent, when I can find it (my bride is also reading it) and it is very fine, feeling out the truth, often remarkable- Lao Tzu is apparently the only pagan to preach love of enemies- without falling into syncretism.
You can email me at

11:19 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

Thanks. I've editted the post to make it clear they were not your words.

Hieromonk Damascene's book is a great work. Some of my posts on the book:

12:07 PM  

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