Friday, April 22, 2011

War Imagery

"To understand the utter absurdity of America’s intervention in the Libyan civil war, I recommend a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York to see its new exhibition of German Expressionism," writes John R. MacArthur — Blindness Toward War Easy for Americans. Singled out is the artist whose work appears at the top of this post, Otto Dix, and that the "exhibition devotes an entire wall to 50 prints by Dix titled 'Der Krieg' ('The War')." Mr. MacArthur continues:
    These terrifying pictures — the hideously wounded, a skull invaded by worms, monstrously disfigured faces, the dead and the living dead — confront the viewer with the fact that war’s impact stretches far beyond physical damage to buildings and flesh. Dix’s genius is in depicting the destruction of the human spirit that results from decisions made by politicians who never experience the direct effects of war.
Of course, just two days ago we lost "one of the great war photographers of his generation, covering wars around the globe," remembered here by Paul Likoudis and Kelley Vlahos, respectively, with examples of his work — RIP Chris Hondros and Dead photog left embed over this image.

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