Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sister Claudia Lee Hae-in's Journey

The poem of that title that closes the Korean Catholic nun and poetess's "book written during the five years she was fighting cancer, and in the wake of a series of deaths of those who were close to her," reviewed here — 'Leaves' chants gratitude for life, hope:
    Since I was born

    I have been a pilgrim

    I was born between high mountains and low lakesides in Gangwon Province

    My journey is like climbing every day

    Like walking on the water


    I am sick very much

    My life gets heavy

    But my mind is light like wind blowing to the mountains

    Like a bird that flies over the lake

    Before I end my life

    I will tell it

    To all of them I met on the streets

    Waving my hands

    For the moments to cry much

    I accepted it as love

    I was happy, thankful and beautiful.

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