Monday, April 4, 2011

Is Mr. Obama's "Humanitarian" War a "Good War"?

  • Pepe Escobar brings to light "a deal where the US gave the green light to Saudi Arabia's invasion of Bahrain in return for Arab League support for the Libyan no-fly zone," and "the Barack Obama administration's hypocrisy, selling a crass geopolitical coup as a humanitarian operation" — Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal.

  • Reminding us that "a bomb can not accurately destroy a military site, instead it has unforeseen consequences that can affect innocent people, homes and hospitals," Vicar Apostolic of Tripoli Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinell says, "If the purpose is to defend civilian life in reality, they are destroying it" — Sirte, eight civilians killed during airstrikes. Apostolic vicar: "Pray for Libya".

  • A war-doubting Thomas notes that "in requiring that wars 'mean something', that they serve lofty moral ends, even if they are conceived as limited 'policing actions', our dear leader has simply been the latest to give voice to the ideal of Total War to End All War" — total war to end all peace....

  • Leave it to Russia Today to expose MSNBC's devious tactic of silencing antiwar voices by both refusing to air them and to release them from contracts — Actually, liberals love war.
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    Blogger Francis Xavier said...

    By Pepe Escobar's "logic," Great Britain has been "invaded" by Nepal for decades. Bahrain's king could have deputized his loyal subjects and kept it all in house; that he turned to outside professionals speaks for him.

    2:25 PM  

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