Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maryknoll Centenary

A report on "the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, [which] was established in 1911 by the bishops of the United States to recruit, train, send and support American missioners overseas" — Superior says Maryknoll order's commitment to mission remains strong. "Its flagship operation was in China" is mentioned, and it also has a strong presence here in Korea, and on this blog's sidebar, with Father Maryknoller in Korea's Catholic American Eyes in Korea.

'Twas the society's publishing arm, Orbis Books, that first got me interested in Catholicism, nack during my "peace and justice" days. (I remain a part of what Bill Kauffman called "the peace-and-love left wing of paleoconservatism.") To the Maryknollers I owe and incredible debt, not only for this first introduction but to their work in Korea, where I would eventually be accepted into Holy Mother Church.

About the society's commitment to social justice, Father Leo Shea, chairman of the Maryknoll centennial, said the following:
    We learned about situations of injustice that took place in various parts of the world. And when we came back here, we were very vocal about peace and justice and spoke openly about what we'd seen. That wasn't always an easy fit with the diocesan structures and led, in some cases, to church leadership saying we were no longer welcome, because we were too extreme.

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