Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Libertarian Case Against Gay Marriage

Gay libertarian Justin Raimondo makes it — The Libertarian Case Against Gay Marriage. He is right to point out the failure of arguments "rooted in religion or in some secular concept of morality alien to American culture in the 21st century—a culture that is characterized by relativism, impiety, and a preoccupation with other matters that make this issue less pressing than it otherwise might be."

Whatever you say of the rest of his argument, his most crucial point is that "[m]arriage evolved because of the existence of children: without them, the institution loses its biological, economic, and historical basis, its very reason for being." He continues:
    From two sets of given circumstances, two parallel traditions have evolved: one, centered around the rearing of children, is heterosexual marriage, the habits and rules of which have been recognized and formalized by the state. The reason for this recognition is simple: the welfare of the children, who must be protected from neglect and abuse.

    The various childless unions and alternative relationships that are an increasing factor in modern society have evolved informally, with minimal state intervention. Rather than anchored by necessity, they are governed by the centrality of freedom.

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