Monday, April 18, 2011

Libertarian Calls to End the Warfare State

  • "The mass destruction of the lives and property of innocent civilians – especially by a gargantuan power like the United States – is a thousand times more serious, morally speaking, than the domestic liberal sins of deficit spending and inflation," wrote Jerome Tuccille in 1971 — A Split in the Right Wing.

  • Andrew Mason writes, "The notion of an uncaring state has shown itself over the course of America’s one-hundred years of imperial conquest" — The State Does Not 'Support Its Troops'. The author, setting aside "the fact of being sent to unjust wars, or the hundreds of thousands that have been murdered or maimed" writes, "From the signing away of death benefits to financial firms, using toxic weaponry in combat, building burning trash dumps next to your quarters, and countless other examples of willful negligence by the state; it should become quite apparent that we were mere pawns on a global chess board."

  • Justin Raimondo reminds us that "it’s only a bunch of foreigners who will bear the consequences if... child-like trust in Father Obama’s judgment turns out to be a wrong call" — Hypocrites, Left and Right. "Libya is far away, and Washington D.C. is quite near: indeed, for these people, everything and everyone outside of Washington is expendable if the lords of the Beltway so ordain."

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