Monday, April 18, 2011

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  • Robert Koehler on a presidential candidate speaking of the "the recent trade pact with South Korea, signed after a military showdown with communist-ruled North Korea, saying it was a 'joke' with insufficient benefits for the United States" — FTA with Korea “a joke,” Seoul doesn’t pay for protection: The Donald: "We go over there, we protect them, we protect them with our ships … Did anyone pay us for this? No! So, what is happening is mind-boggling."

  • "These demonstrators in Bahrain," asks David Lindsay, "do they wish to preserve the eight indigenous ethnic groups, the small but very ancient and entrenched Jewish community, the Gulf's only synagogue and Jewish cemetery, the black community that is part of the East African diaspora, the fifth of the population that is non-Muslim, the half of that fifth which is Christian, the strictly optional status of the women's headscarf, the Sunni third of Bahraini Muslims, the requirement that all legislation be approved by both Houses of Parliament, the election of the Lower House by universal suffrage, the regular appointment of women to the Upper House to make up for their dearth in the elected Lower House, the presence in the Upper House of a Jewish man and a Christian woman (the latter the first woman ever to chair a Parliament in the Arab world), the present position of a Jewish woman as Ambassador to the United States, the very close ties to Britain, and the fact that all of this is perfectly acceptable even to Salafi Members of Parliament in today's Bahrain?" — I Only Ask. He has similar questions about the demonstrators in Yemen and Syria.

  • Paul Likoudis introduces us to the woodcutter who "contributed to The Catholic Worker over almost forty years" — The joy of discovering a great artist. "Theology should view this journalist, Dorothy Day, and this artist, Fritz Eichenberg, as active participants in setting, developing and tackling the theological agenda for their era: war, poverty, work, human dignity, justice and hospitality."

  • "If you are Catholic, the Obama Administration lies about your Church and considers the Vatican an enemy when it comes to its policies on human reproduction," reminds Mark Shea, with evidence — Just in case you weren't clear on this.

  • "In 1862 Lee freed the slaves that his wife had inherited, in compliance with his father in-law’s will," while "Grant’s White Haven slaves were not freed until an 1865 Missouri emancipation law forced Grant and his father-in-law to do so," Thomas DiLorenzo teaches Paul Krugman, quoted by Elena Maria Vidal — Civil War Fantasies.
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    Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

    Yeah, because the South was always upright and honest in their prosecution of war against the North and the Border States. The Confederates would never attempt to invade a neutral state...Oh wait, they did -- Kentucky. And the Confederates would never commit war crimes on a mass scale...Oh wait, they did -- Andersonville. The Confederates would never massacre Union troops who had surrendered and put down their arms...Oh wait, they did -- the Fort Pillow Massacre. The Confederates would never attempt to reinstitute slavery by kidnapping free blacks in areas of the North where the South was invading...Oh wait, they did, regularly and routinely.

    2:06 PM  
    Blogger elena maria vidal said...

    Thank you for the link, Joshua!

    8:46 PM  

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