Wednesday, April 6, 2011

History Repeating Herself in Libya

  • "On 1st November, 1911, Lieutenant Giulio Gavotti dropped the first bomb from an aeroplane," which, Mark Almond informs us, "hit the military hospital in Ayn Zara in the Libyan desert" — 100 Years of Bombing Libya. "Italians were assured of a quick victory there" and "told that the Ottoman Turkish regime was thoroughly hated by the Arabs living there and that a warm welcome could be expected for the soldiers bringing civilization and liberation from the Sultan's tyranny."

  • "If the insufferable Sarkozy isn’t enough to make you vow never to eat French fries again," writes Justin Raimondo, "then the man behind Sarkozy’s grandstanding, Bernard Henri-Lévy, the French 'public intellectual' and renowned phony, will push you over the edge into outright Francophobia" — French Fraud Behind Libya War Drive.

  • Ivan Eland reminds us "that Libya has nothing to do with American vital interests, that helping an unknown opposition is fraught with risks of getting something worse than Moammar Gadhafi, and that the United States [is] overstretched militarily (already conducting two other wars) and financially (suffering from huge budget deficits and national debt)" and that "more people may die as a result of U.S. 'humanitarian' military actions than in their absence" — Libyan Intervention Fraught With Risks.
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