Friday, April 1, 2011

The Christians of Sendai and Fukushima

  • News that the "Catholic Church [is] giv[ing] shelter to families, women and children in homes and monasteries" — Radiation risk mounts at Fukushima. Church sends volunteers to tsunami hit areas. The article also reports that "the Church in Japan continues to send aid and volunteers to assist the displaced who lack food, oil and gas," and that "Catholics have also begun to repair some of the religious buildings damaged by the tsunami," and "many faithful have delayed the reconstruction of their homes to clear the debris and collect the material needed to repair the church."

  • "In the midst of this tragedy we are experiencing and which is creating serious concern for all," says Bishop Martin Tetsuo Hiraga, "we know that some Christians are working as volunteers near the plant" The Christian heroes in Fukushima, who sacrifice their lives to avoid a nuclear catastrophe. "In this terrible situation, the Japanese Christians have a great opportunity to give witness to their faith and Gospel values," His Excellency continued. "They are doing it in solidarity and dedication to others, in a spirit of self-denial. In Fukushima workers are risking their lives to save the Japanese people and prevent nuclear catastrophe."

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