Friday, March 18, 2011

The First Casualty of War Is Truth

  • "There hasn’t been a U.S. Air Force airplane lost in air combat in nearly 40 years, or an American soldier attacked by enemy aircraft since Korea," said the Secretary of Defense, quoted by Tom Engelhardt, who, noting that "the obvious conclusions are never drawn," argues that this really means that "air power has ended up" to be nothing more than "one-sided slaughter and targeted assassinations" — Taking the “War” Out of Air War

  • "We ignore George Washington at our peril," says Philip Giraldi, reminding us, "Our first president as well as Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Adams predicted ruin for a republic that would involve itself in foreign politics" — A Farewell Address. "The United States is currently involved in a number of conflicts in which it has no imaginable interest while the nation seems to wallow in an orgy of military-worship."

  • "The attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967 has almost faded from memory," writes Philip Giraldi, "but new evidence suggests that the White House might actually have had prior knowledge that the ship would be struck by Israel’s armed forces" — Sinking Liberty.
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