Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tsunami Washes Away Korean Animosity Toward Former Colonizer

  • The countries have moved away geographically with "Japan shift[ing] altogether 2.4 m to the east due to the earthquake" — Earthquake Shifts Japan, Korea Further Apart — "but last week's devastation has prompted many Koreans to set aside their long-held feelings of animosity in an effort to support and pray for those in despair" — Japan's Devastation Ignites Bilateral Ease Between Koreans and Japanese.

  • "I am touched by Korea as it has comforted and helped Japan as if it were suffering itself," said Japanese Ambassador to Seoul Masatoshi Muto — Envoy says arigato for Korea’s help, sympathy. "Many countries are helping Japan, but assistance by Korea and the United States are particularly in the Japanese media’s spotlight."

  • "As a close neighbor, we should first extend a helping hand to the disaster-stricken country" — Pres. Lee urges swift aid to quake-ravaged Japan. "The latest difficulty can help both nations usher in a new era."

  • "Buddhists join Protestant and state emergency relief efforts," reports Stephen Hong — Korean aid teams fly to Japan. "Caritas Corea, the Korean bishops’ social welfare arm, said they are planning to deal with these situations in the mid and long term, in close cooperation with Caritas Japan."

  • The responses from the Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan — Former ‘comfort women’ pray for Japan — and the Korea Atomic Bomb Victim Association — Korean victims of WWII atomic bombs sympathize with Japan.
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