Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Southern Baptist Bookstores Cave

By "suspend[ing] a four-year-old program that warned customers to read with 'discernment' books by several up-and-coming authors whose books 'could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology'" — Publisher Backs Off Warning Label for Evangelical Books.

The label read: "Read With Discernment. This book may contain thoughts, ideas, or concepts that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology. Therefore we encourage you to read it with extra discernment."

I'm not sure where the Southern Baptists stand on private judgment or how this would relate to their stance, but there is nothing controversial about this program and it is a shame for Baptists that it has been suspended, unless, of course, some Catholic ideas can be sneaked in.

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Blogger Tiago said...

Quoth the article:

"McLaren (...) said a decision to censor writings by another Christian went against the Baptist tradition of personal conscience."

Here, personal conscience is read private judgement, although this latter term could be considered disparaging. All Protestant theologians who hold to sola scriptura, the Baptists included, forcefully hold the idea of personal conscience. Otherwise there should be need of another work or body which would establish the correct interpretation of Scripture readings (this should sound familiar to you ;-) ).

As for Catholics, the equivalent practise would be the Bishop's Imprimatur, although I agree that it's hardly befitting that the bookstore would arrogate to itself that authority.

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