Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Opposing Mr. Obama's War

  • "In ordering air and naval strikes on a country that neither threatened nor attacked the United States, did President Obama commit an impeachable act?" asks Patrick J. Buchanan, answering that "the framers of the Constitution were precise" — Obama’s War.

  • Congressman Ron Paul says, "Congress must assert its Constitutional authority and rein in an administration clearly out of control" — Constitutional Problems with the Libyan War.

  • "Obama claimed that his moral authority trumped the US Constitution," says Paul Craig Roberts, arguing that he "has taken America one step further into Caesarism" — Obama Raises American Hypocrisy to Higher Level.

  • The Nation's John Nichols reminds us "that presidents are not supposed to start wars, especially wars of whim that are offensive rather than defensive in nature" — Obama Tries, Without Success, To Explain An Undeclared War.

  • "Apart from having nothing to do with protecting civilians," says Pepe Escobar, "this arrangement is absolutely illegal in terms of international law" — There's no business like war business.

  • "The Bishops of Northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), who are faced with the processes of historical development concerning Arab countries and especially the Maghreb, wish to reaffirm our urgent appeal to find an end to this painful conflict, just and dignified for all," theor excellencies have stated — Catholic bishops in Africa denounce Obama's war in Libya.
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    Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

    Say what you will about President Bush's war in Iraq, at least he had enough respect for the Constitution to get congressional approval first. That more than President Obama has done.

    10:00 AM  
    Blogger Scott said...

    Did Obama use the 'but all the other kids are doing it' defense?

    And as for Bush? Sure, I'll say what I will. He purposely mislead the country into a war which resulted in at least over 100 thousand deaths. I'm not sure I'd argue that he's the morally superior one here.

    11:49 PM  

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