Sunday, March 20, 2011

Morten Lauridsen's O Magnum Mysterium and Ave Dulcissima Maria Sung by the Orange County Gay Men's Chorus, Directed by Rich Cook

Above, audio evidence why the Reformed Church in America's Crystal Cathedral [sic] founder Robert H. Schuller is right about "a recent covenant that choir members were asked to sign urging them to be Christian and heterosexual" — Schuller Says He Wouldn't Have OK'd Church's Gay Covenant. (What admittedly limited gaydar I possess tells me this might also qualify as evidence — Para Dar Luz Immortal Performed by Chanticleer.)

"The covenant describes choir members as people who confess Jesus as their savior, consider the Bible 'authoritative and infallible,' and understand the cathedral's position that marriage is 'between one man and one woman.'" I would describe choir members as people who sing exceptionally well, whatever personal failings they may have.

I would see little problem with sodomites as members of a schola at a Catholic parish as long as they (1) refrained from causing Scandal ("the love that dare not speak its name" needs to learn to keep quiet again) for the sake of the parishioners, (2) refrained from the Eucharist for the sake of their own immortal souls, and (3) sang well. So, Rev. Schuller is right in that "he agrees with the covenant's stance on homosexuality but 'that doesn't mean that we are going to start a crusade against homosexuals.'"

(Composer Morten Lauridsen, by the way, has been hailed as "the only American composer in history who can be called a mystic, (whose) probing, serene work contains an elusive and indefinable ingredient which leaves the impression that all the questions have been answered.")

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