Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Militant Secularism's Jihad

"Local Ministries for the Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice are hard at work" and "have 2,000 years of rubbish to cleanse from society" — The Western Taliban. Author Constance Kong explains, "The West’s Taliban are the secularists who will persecute anyone with a religious perspective on philosophical or moral issues, or any matter of public discourse for that matter."

"This is Cultural Revolution where people of faith are made to sit in the corner wearing the Dunce’s Cap," the Shanghai-based writer concludes. "And everyone of faith – particularly of any of the great Monotheistic Religions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity) – is a target."

While the comparison to Red Guards might not cause these secularists to bat an eye, the comparison to the Taliban certainly will. However, politically correct thinking is a direct descendant of the Puritanism of the XVIIth Century, just with God removed.

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