Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Cry For Me Sudan

The New Beginning posts the faith-inspiring South Korean documentary above that tells the story of the late Father John Lee Tae-seok, who died of cancer last year after having "worked tirelessly for nine years as part of the Salesian mission in war-ravaged southern Sudan, ... as a doctor devoted to the victims of leprosy, as a teacher and as a musician," told here by's Mary Oregan — The 21st-century ‘saint’ you’ve never heard of. Of the film, the author writes:
    Within 10 minutes of watching the film most people are reduced to tears. [South Korean documentarians are especially skilled at this — J.A.S.] Some 120,000 people have watched the film in Seoul alone. Members of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the largest Buddhist denomination in South Korea, were greatly moved by the scenes depicting Fr John tending the lepers. Venerable Jaseung, the head of the order, admitted that he was unsure whether to show it to Buddhist monks and lay workers for fear they would convert to Catholicism after seeing it.

    “It depicts the good life of a Catholic missioner and I was worried some of us would convert to Catholicism after being moved by the film,” he said.

    But he went ahead because he believed that Fr John was a good role model for Buddhists. “If we could have one Buddhist cleric like him, the better it would be for Buddhism,” he said.

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