Sunday, March 27, 2011

Could the Korean Church Help Re-Evangelize France?

"The 4th bishop of Korea was the martyr Saint Simeon Berneux, who was born in the diocese of Le Mans," reminds Father Maryknoller in Korea, reporting on "an interview with the [current] bishop of Le Mans and... an article on the first priest who will be working in the diocese, Fr. Lee Yeong-kil" — Korean Priest in France.

"Koreans have a great interest in the Catholic Church," said Father Lee. "Their Catholics are very enthusiastic and try to live the life of faith. Confucianism has also helped them have respect for the elderly. These are the strong points of Korean Catholicism. Now that God in his providence is guiding us in this relationship with France, isn't this what we can give the French Church?"

As I commented, "The Eldest Daughter of the Church (as France was called), [is] being assisted, in her senility I dare say, by one of the Youngest."

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