Thursday, February 24, 2011

Massacre of Egyptian Christians a False Flag Operation?

Antonios Cardinal Naguib makes note of "the hypothesis... in circulation particularly among Christians, that the Minister of the Interior had planned the massacre of Alexandria to justify a strengthening of police controls" — Mubarak may have planned attack on Christians, Catholic leader says.

His Eminence also argued, "As Christians in Egypt – Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox, without differences – we see that any appeal to diplomatic pressures, punitive initiatives or to economic sanctions directed against Egypt, because of events that concern Egyptian Christians, is the greatest harm that can be done to the Christians themselves." Furthermore, he says of recent events in the country, "I am reassured by the fact of having seen something take place in these days that has not been seen for a long time: a concrete unity among the citizens, young and old, Christians and Muslims without distinction or discrimination."

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Blogger xavier said...


Which won't last very long this covivencia. Already the Brotherhood is making noises about excluding women and Copts from the Presidency. Further, some of senior members want to abrogate the Camp David accords.

In any case, I'm pessimistic and would cousel the Christians to be exteremely prudential. Don't trust and constantly verify as the Moslems need to prove themeselves.


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